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MONARK has received a new trailer from NIS America with this one focusing on the combat that players will experience. The trailer has a look at a snippet of a battle where characters face off against Pactbreakers as well as the character’s own mind. As you can see from the trailer, MONARK has a turn based combat system with each character having different styles of attack, either being close quarter or ranged.


Those who pick up the Monark deluxe package will get a bonus mini artbook as well as a code for the game’s official soundtrack. Priced at £74.99, the limited edition has its own collectors box as well as a soundtrack disc, cloth poster, a 5 character acrylic stands. Information on how and where to preorder Monark ahead of its release date can be found over on the official NISA store.

Created by Japanese studio Lancarse, Monark definitely has a Shin Megami Tensei vibe about it. In a Persona-like fashion, you’ll spend time socialising and building bonds with allies in one world before being transported to another realm where you engage in turn-based battles.

In our preview for MONARK, Stefan wrote:

“If manga, anime and video games are to be believed, it’s a wonder that anyone actually makes it through the Japanese education system. They’re such a hotbed of weird supernatural calamities, that I’m sure most students are just happy to make it out alive, let alone with the qualifications they need to get a job. In MONARK, Shin Mikado Academy is the latest school to find itself facing disaster, shrouded in Mist as the student body struggles to overcome their own egos and the deadly sins…

There’s some interesting ideas at play in MONARK, with tactical RPG battling, a story that immediately puts an interesting twist on people’s egos and the deadly sins, and more. I’m looking forward to seeing more, to discover how these ideas come together deeper into the story, but it won’t be long before the game is released on 25th February 2022.”

MONARK will be available on PC, PS5, PS4, and Switch.

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