Halo Infinite campaign download size confirmed – It’s smaller if you already have the multiplayer installed

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343 Industries has confirmed the download size of Halo Infinite’s campaign ahead of its release at 6PM UTC later today. The bad news is that you cannot pre-load the single player story mode, but the good news is that the download will be significantly smaller if you already have the Halo Infinite multiplayer mode installed.

If you’re starting with no Halo Infinite game install at all, then downloading the campaign will be around 48.21GB (there is some variation between platforms, but that’s the gist). Alternatively, if you have the multiplayer already installed, there will be a 3.97GB multiplayer update and a 25.86GB campaign download for a total of 29.83GB.


Halo Infinite campaign download size

Gamers take the ability to pre-load games for granted these days, but the way that Halo Infinite has ended up being released has prevented 343 Industries from letting players do so. The Halo Infinite multiplayer was released three weeks ago on 15th November, and it’s this game client that provides the foundations for the game to install.

The campaign is a separate download through the Xbox Game Pass and Microsoft Store, but it’s set up to act like DLC expansion to the main client – as noted, you must install the multiplayer alongside the campaign and they will share numerous game assets. The one upside to this going forward is that you will be able to uninstall the campaign and just have the multiplayer once you’re done with it.

Update: Even if you are purchasing a physical disc for the game, you must wait. Per @Shinobi602 on Twitter, the disc does not have playable game data on it.

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Halo Infinite’s campaign will go live for digital purchases and Xbox Game Pass subscribers at a unified time around the globe. There’s no rolling midnight launch across the planet (so no, you can’t set you console region to New Zealand to jump in early, and Kiwi’s actually have to wait until 9th December!), but instead a fixed launch time of 6PM UTC. That translates to the following times in different regions:

  • New Zealand – 7AM NZDT 9th December
  • Australia (Sydney) – 5AM AET 9th December
  • Japan – 3AM JST 9th December
  • Europe (France, Germany, Spain, Italy, etc.) – 7PM CET 8th December
  • UK – 6PM GMT 8th December
  • US East Coast (New York) – 1PM ET 8th December
  • US West Coast (California) – 10AM PT 8th December

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