Prison Architect launches on Epic Games Store and it is free

Prison Architect has been released on the Epic Games Store today, Paradox Interactive has confirmed. To mark this launch Prison Architect is currently free on the Epic Games Store, and it will remain free until December 16th. This promotion does not extend to all the game’s DLC which are also available from today on the store. Cleared for Transfer is free but that will always be the case as it adds the ability to transfer prisoners between different security sectors of the prison.


The paid DLC for Prison Architect includes Going Green, Second Chances, Island Bound, Psych Ward, and Aficionado. These can all be purchased individually, or as a bundle package. Each pack adds something new to the base game, with prisons set on islands, introducing a climate control element, and also rehabilitation.

In our review for Prison Architect, Kris wrote: Even if Prison Architect didn’t come with a thought provoking, if short, campaign, it’d be easy to recommend to anyone with an interest in management sims. That addition not only brings some depth to the game, but it also serves as one of the most enjoyable and comprehensive tutorials I’ve ever played in a game. The only missed opportunity is the potential for more stories in main section of the game, perhaps coming as random events when a new prisoner arrives.

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