ARC Raiders revealed with gameplay at The Game Awards

Arc Raiders Header

Embark Studios, the Stockholm based studio set up by former EA exec Patrick Söderlund and former DICE dev Johan Andersson have revealed their first game, a free to play shooter called ARC Raiders. The game was revealed as part of The Game Awards 2021and is coming to PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S and PC.


ARC Raiders is a game built around PvE gameplay as you team up with other players to set forth, fighting back against killer robots that drop from the skies. These can be small bots, or they can be huge spider-bots that tower over you, forcing players to target weak spots to tear them down. You are known as a squad of Raiders, and they are known as the ARC.

There’s some stunning, filmic styling to the game’s graphics, and a real 80s sci-fi feel to it all that’s been rendered in exceptionally high quality for this trailer.

The game was first teased back in 2010 when some concept art for the game leaked out, but the game was only recently officially confirmed when a Twitter account posted a teaser video which asked players to “enlist, resist”.

Embark Studios, is being funded by Japanese-Korean publisher Nexon.

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