Have A Nice Death is a roguelite where you are Death

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Have A Nice Death has been announced by Perfect World Entertainment and Magic Design Studios, and it is due to be released for Early Acces on Steam in early 2022. In Have A Nice Death players take on the role of Death, who is the CEO of Death Incorporated. However, Death is overworked and does not like being sat at the desk, so Death is going to be wandering the offices of the organisation and bringing rogue employees under heel.


“If Death had the same routine as us, how would he or she live? This question is the driving force behind Have a Nice Death,” said Nicolas Léger, creative director and animation director at Magic Design Studios and winner of the Annie Awards for ‘Best Character Animation.’ “The game mixes our passion for 2D animation, fast and furious combat and compelling visual effects with a macabre universe that comes to life through dark but burlesque humor. The end game is our team’s point-of-view on the contemporary corporate world and a compelling look at what Death’s life would look like if he were one us. We think gamers will be dying to get their hands on this one.”

“I was totally hooked by the charming concepts behind Have a Nice Death and I’m thrilled to be a consultant on the game,” said Sébastien Bénard, the lead developer behind Dead Cells and founder of Deepnight Games. “Magic Design Studios team really has what it takes to make this adventure a reality. The game’s premise of Death as CEO of the Underworld coupled with its cute hand drawn art style and great gameplay loop is sure to establish it as one of the next great roguelites.”

As of right now Have A Nice Death has only been given an early access date of March 22nd, but the game will also be coming to other platforms at a later date.

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