Puzzles for Clef is a whimsical puzzle platformer coming to PC next year

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Puzzles for Clef has been announced by Freedom Games and Weasel Token games, and it is heading to Steam in Q3 2022. Puzzles for Clef has been described as a narrative puzzle platformer in which players take on the role of a bunny named Clef, who goes off to explore an island in the sky after being sent an invite. Puzzles for Clef will feature a number of different regions on the island, and various inhabitants to get quests from.

“Puzzles for Clef is a cozy, peaceful, low-stress adventure filled with succulent secrets and stunning sights to discover,” said Alexander Molodkin, Founder, Weasel Token. “The whimsical atmosphere, calming music, and feel-good story are all positive facets we are looking forward to bringing into 2022. We all need more of that!.”
The Puzzles for Clef quests are given to Clef by the island’s animal inhabitants with each one helping to uncover the mystery of the island and Clef’s own ancestry. The different environments for the game include bamboo forests, crystal mines, and clock towers as Clef looks to restore the bell shrines.
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