Edge of Eternity comes to consoles in February

Edge of Eternity will be released on February 10th and it will be available on PS5, PS4, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X|S. A cloud version for Nintendo Switch will be released on February 23rd. On the same day both PC and console versions of Edge of Eternity will be updated to include Japanese voiceover options. The console version will have all the fixes and updates that the PC version has had. The PC version of Edge of Eternity was released in June this year. To mark the console release a new trailer was released by Dear Villagers and Midgard Studios.


“Bringing this JRPG world to life has been a tremendous labour of love,” said Jeremy Zeler, founder of Midgar Studio. “I look forward to delivering this experience to the console players who have been so patient with our team. I think it’ll be worth the wait!”

Edge of Eternity started off as Kickstarter project in which over 4000 backers raised a total of $161,246 for the game. The funds allowed Midgar Studio to bring in Chrono Trigger composer Yasunori Mitsuda to work on the game’s soundtrack. The story follows characters Selene and Daryon who are embroiled in a bigger war between Heryon and a mysterious threat, pitting magic against technology. As war wages both characters will have to deal with The Corrosion. Battles take place as turn based combat.

In our review for Edge of Eternity, Steve wrote: “Edge of Eternity is definitely a welcome addition to the JRPG pantheon, and while it clearly doesn’t have the budget of the genre giants, it is full of heart and character. I certainly enjoyed my time exploring Heryon, despite a few niggles and a crafting system that adds little. If you go into this with an open mind and have an affection for the genre, then you’ll find much to like.”

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