The Division 2 Apparel Event and February title update delayed until later in 2022

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The Division 2’s Apparel Event and the February title update will not be launching as scheduled, Ubisoft has announced. Instead, this content will be released at a later point in 2022 but when exactly is not yet known. The reason for the delay is to make sure the current content is built upon properly, and for the new content to be polished so when it releases there would be little disruption for The Division 2 players. You can read the full statement below and how The Division 2 should start seeing more regular updates.


“With new content being actively developed for the game, our ambition has always been to continue to deliver the best The Division 2 experience for our dedicated players and newcomers, alike. In order to achieve this goal, we have today made the decision to delay the upcoming Apparel Event as well as the February Title update to a later date in 2022.While we understand that this news is disappointing, we strongly believe that this extra time will allow us to continue building towards our vision for the future of The Division 2. As we look to restart a more regular update schedule on The Division 2 moving forward, we want to build on the existing content and further polish our next update core elements, including the new game mode, season narrative and new features.

Due to this delay, this also means the PTS will be delayed. Rest assured; it will remain an important milestone on the new timeline as your feedback is extremely valuable to support us with the finishing touches to the update. To ensure our team will be able to focus all their efforts into this new timeline, we will be looking forward to resuming our communication closer to our new release date.
On behalf of the whole team, we would like to thank you for your continued support and understanding.”

Source: Twitter

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