Othercide’s free Beauty Will Remain update out now on PC, paid DLC also released

Othercide has received some new content today, both free and premium, that allows players to customise the Daughters with new outfits. The Beauty Will Remain free content gives some cosmetics access, while the premium Dressed to Kill DLC adds even more cosmetic items. In the free content Othercide players will have access to 25 haircuts, 12 eye variations, an additional costume for all archetypes, and four additional weapon variations. In the paid content these increase to five clothing variations, 18 eye variations, and 16 weapon colour variations. Dressed to Kill is priced at £3.29.


There were also some bug fixes released for Othercide and you can check the notes below.

  • Enemies no longer fall under the level on some maps.
  • Some maps’ areas were erroneously inaccessible, despite being supposed to be accessible. This is now fixed.
  • The AOE feedback of Maid “Destiny Shift” now correctly moves with the maid when she teleports.
  • Saves made on the last day of an era no longer create issues with the boss mission in certain cases.
  • Timeline should no longer show the wrong values under certain conditions during missions.

In our review for Othercide, Dom wrote: “Othercide is an evocative and absorbing tactical roguelike, albeit one whose style occasionally gets in the way of the substance.”

Dom also separately reviewed the Switch version of Othercide, and for that edition he wrote: “Othercide on Switch remains an evocative and impressive tactical gothic-horror game, though the move to Nintendo’s hardware has dulled the game’s headline visuals, taking some of the atmosphere away from the tactics themselves.”

Othercide’s plot focuses on a group called The Daughters who carry traits of the greatest warrior to live. This group is tasked with fighting against and push back the Suffering. The Daughters are an army and each will get their own personality as battles occur, but sacrifices may have to be made where a Daughter is lost for the bigger picture.

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