The final Company of Heroes 3 dev diary of the year focuses on the campaign, watch it here

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Relic have released the last Company of Heroes 3 development diary for the year and this one is delving in to the game’s campaign. This includes a look at the brand new Dynamic Campaign Map as well as “discussing some of the exciting new systems, decisions players will have to make, and how the new Dynamic Campaign will affect the classic RTS gameplay that players know and love.”


Company of Heroes 3 was announced in July this year. CoH 3 is set in the Mediterranean theatre of war, as the Allied forces battle through North Africa and then invade Europe through Italy. Thanks to this change of setting, CoH 3 will also feature new factions, new tactics and new stories that the series has yet to explore. The game is built on the new Essence Engine 5, with a Dynamic Campaign Map that lets players command ground, air and naval forces, marshalling supply lines to let your Allied army fight up through Italy. You’ll have long-term choices to make that will affect how the war unfolds.

The CoH Development community has swelled in size since Company of Heroes 3 was announced. Relic has stated that over 200,000 players are now involved with giving feedback regarding the game, and having an influence on how development moves forward. While that seems like a high number, Relic is not stopping there and is inviting others to join the community. If you are interested then you can sign up to be part of CoH Development here. Joining will give players access to exclusive development information, early access to different gameplay modules, and the ability to give feedback that may influence how Company of Heroes 3 turns out.

This core group started with 10 players and has grown from there, with these members having an large impact on how Company of Heroes 3 develops. One of those members was Will Ward who was eventually hired by Relic to be a map designer due to his history of modding maps for previous Company of Heroes games.

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