Weird West delayed until the end of March 2022

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Devolver Digital and WolfEye Games have announced that Weird West, their immersive sim western will miss the original launch date of 11th January and will not be hitting the shelves on March 31st. The game will launch on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.

It seems the team need a little more time to polish the game, check out the new trailer below which explains the delay.,


Weird West comes from Wolfeye Games, a studio founded by Raphael Colantonio, who was previously known as the founder of Arkane Studios. You know, the developer that’s made such excellent immersive sims as Dishonored, Prey and most recently Deathloop. Colantonio and those that left Arkane with him did so in 2017.

Naturally Colantonio and his team took the foundations of the genre that they know so well and have bolted it onto a different form, melding it with the look and feel of an isometric action RPG. Then they filled the Wild West with supernatural twists like werewolves, ogres and more.

The game features five playable characters, progressing from one character to the next, but then being able to go back and recruit your former character. The intention is that, if you die, you simply carry the story forward with the next character. Some elements will be randomised with each playthrough.

If all of that sounds good to you, then make sure to check out our Weird West preview from a few months ago, in which a group of game journos badgered the devs showcasing the game into burying their dead son, digging him up and then taking his skull with them on the rest of the demo. Class.

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