Hood Outlaws & Legends update 1.13 kicks off Season 3

Hood Outlaws & Legends Season One Battle Pass

A new Hood Outlaws & Legends update has just gone live, adding a much-requested feature as well as new content for Season 3.

Hood Outlaws & Legends update 1.13 is available as a free download on PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, and PC. You’ll need it in order to play online matches.

Headlining this latest patch is the new cross-platform party feature, allowing you to recruit a band of thieves across all five systems. This is an extension of the Hood’s cross-play multiplayer which has been live since day one.

Hood Outlaws & Legends Season 3: Ostara

Today also heralds the arrival of Season 3 “Ostara” for the fantasy heist sim. Each Season brings with it new content in the form of a battle pass loaded with unlockable bonuses and cosmetics for each hero.

In total, the new battle pass will include a total of 31 Outfits, 51 Weapons and 21 banner packs (103 cosmetics in total), which is broken down for the five characters:

  • John: 7 skins, 11 weapons
  • Marianne: 6 skins, 10 weapons
  • Robin: 6 skins, 10 weapons
  • Tooke: 6 skins, 10 weapons
  • Eidaa: 6 skins, 10 weapons

Something that will be disappointing, though, is that there’s no word on a new map, game mode or hero. Since launch in May 2021, Sumo Digital released one new hero – Eidaa – with Season 1 in August, the Gold Rush mode, a purely PvE co-op mode, and a new map. The content has definitely dried up as player counts have dropped, but there’s a slim chance that things could pick back up.

Focus Home Interactive and Sumo Digital are no doubt expecting an influx of new players with Hood Outlaws & Legends being on the free games offered as part of the PlayStation Plus April 2022 lineup.

Hood Outlaws & Legends took the classic tale of Robin Hood and his Merry Men and weaves it into an intriguing online multiplayer game. It’s PvPvE as two teams of four fight each other and pesky guards in order to sneak into a fortified position and steal a big load of loot.

There’s fun to be had, but it’s not entirely successful. In our Hood Outlaws & Legends review, Gamoc said “Hood: Outlaws and Legends has some good ideas, but the execution is a little lacking. […] With more variety, whether in the form of different modes or with each map having its own objectives, this could have been a winner, but as it stands it’s got a lot of squandered potential.”

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