Vermintide 2 update 1.28 comes with major console improvements

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A new Warhammer Vermintide 2 update is out now, packed with new game features and improvements for PS4 and Xbox One.


Vermintide 2 update 1.28 boasts a long list of changes, including game-wide quality of life enhancements and tweaks to several career classes.

In its latest dev blog, Fatshark explained how a number of new console features were inspired by popular PC mods created by the Vermintide 2 community. Read on to see all the latest changes.

Warhammer Vermintide 2 Update 1.28 Patch Notes

New Features and Additions

  • Added Kill Confirm Crosshair: Indicates what and when you’ve killed an enemy.

  • Added Friendly Fire Crosshair / Hit Marker: Shows a hitmarker when damaging an ally.

  • Added Social Wheel Emotes: You can now trigger character poses to flex and take pictures of with your friends!

  • Added Manage Career Inventory: Able to manage other careers’ inventories and abilities without having to switch to that career.

  • Added Equipped Items on Other Careers: See which items are equipped on careers other than the one you’re currently playing.

  • Added Bot Prioritization: Select which careers should fill your party, and in what order.

  • Added Clear Deeds: You can now delete deeds to make space in your inventory.

  • Added Streamlined Weapon Upgrades: A new UI feature that gives you a detailed overview of your currently equipped weapon.

  • Readded Twitch integration.

Stability and Locatlisation

  • Fixed various unspecified crashes.

  • Fixed a crash caused by missing textures.

  • Fixed a crash when joining with Moonfire BowImproved localization on various items.


  1. Moonfire bow and Hagbane now deal increased DoT damage on finesse hits.

  2. Removed AoE from Moonfire charged shots and reduced damage profiles .

  3. Battle Wizard: Applying stronger DoTs with “Lingering Flames” talent active now overrides weaker DoTs.

  4. Charged Hagbane attacks now apply aoe poison on every bounce when using Ricochet talent.


  • Enemies spawned by Tzeentch Twins should no longer spawn in spots they’re not supposed to.

  • Chaos Wastes – Illusionist illusions can no longer can touch players with most of their actions, they also now always have 0.25 health so they die from 1 hit.

  • Chaos Wastes – Tweaked ‘Shield Shatter’ Grudge Mark. Now reduces max stamina by 1 for 8 seconds when striking block.

  • Chaos Wastes – Readded ‘Shield Shatter’ Grudge Mark to Chaos Spawns and Minotaurs.


  • Into the Nest: Skarrik Spinemanglr can be pushed outside of the arena.

  • Enchanter’s Lair: Fixed Rat Ogre audio playing when entering throne room, when there is no rat ogre.

  • Added VO trigger in Count Mordrek’s Fortress.

  • Fixed a Curse Chest that was always spawning in the Citadel.

  • Moved some respawn points in Grimblood’s Stronghold.

  • Warcamp: Fixed a crash in when staggering arena boss with Sienna’s firewalk.

  • Warcamp: Bodvarr should no longer be able to leave the arena.

  • Players should now move forward in a given level when the rest of the party has moved beyond the point in which they can rescue the captured player.

  • Taal’s Horn Keep: Olesya should no longer walk through the wall.


  • Added new icons for grudge mark debuffs.

  • Added new color-coding for subtitles to better denote who is speaking.

  • Weapons with special attacks will now have these attacks noted in item tooltips, mentioned in loading screens, and when you inspect an item.

  • Fixed various cases of crashing and incorrect layout caused by minimizing the game window.

  • Fixed forging weave weapons causing regular inventory to have the “unseen item” star until selecting it in the Athanor.

  • Okri’s Challenges can now be claimed in bulk.

  • Added togglable filters to Okri’s Challenges.


  • Delayed spawning of hog-tied corpse if player has not yet despawned.

  • Added stones and smoke to emphasize direction for Sister of the Thorns vines VFX.

  • Tweaked some some SFX and VFX for Grudge Marks.

  • Moonfire Bow should no longer show it having “ammo” in Weaves.

  • Added inspect animations to crystals in Weaves.

  • Synced Warrior Priest’s weapon glow.

  • Fixed display multiplier for Bardins “Booming Taunt”Tweaked some dialogue durations.

  • A sound will now play correctly when a Cursed Grudgemark wears off.

  • Adjusted VFX speed for AoE Grudge Mark Curses.

  • Fixed Stormfiend permanently shooting when staggered.

  • Fixed Bardin’s Chaos Wastes ‘song dialogue’ not working properly.

  • Fixed skinning issue on Kruber’s face.

  • Fixed a crash caused by the group holding more than the intended number of books.

  • Fixed clients not progressing the “Unbreakable” challenge (absorb damage caused by Warrior Priest passive).

  • Fixed an issue with Ironbreaker’s beard being constrained at low FPS.

  • Bots should no longer be able to fling themselves from ledges unprovoked. They can still be yeeted off ledges, just shouldn’t navigate themselves off a ledge.

  • Fixed bots sometimes not repathing when they are interrupted by an enemy while trying to reach a player to aid them (eg. revive).

  • Weapon special attacks now have a default keybind of V that can be rebound.

  • Weapons found in the Chaos Wastes will now only use illusions you’ve unlocked.

  • Fixed Griffon-Foot Pistol shooting with delay when paired with Taal’s Twinned Arrow.

  • Fixed a crash caused by a rogue interaction with Engineer Bardin’s and Taal’s Twinned Arrow.

  • Fixed an issue where the ‘Feed Me, Sinner’ Challenge could not be completed if Sienna (Battle Wizard) used her activated ability ‘Fire Walk’Fixed an issue with the Ubersreik Cataclysm Keep banner.

  • Fixed an issue when host swapping characters in the Keep would prohibit hot-joining players from picking the previous character.

  • Different Sienna dots now stackable as intended. Applying the same dot now refreshes duration.

  • Dots applied with Lingering Flames active no longer prevents you from reapplying dots on the same target after dying and being revived.

  • Fixed Blackvenom making Chaos Warriors jerk around on every tick.

  • Players are now invincible while being inside the Skittergate, solving the issue where players can be killed by entering/exiting the gate.

  • The damage indicator should no longer display when the player damages themselves.

  • Removed the tiny friendly fire from Unchained’s career skill.

  • Fixed Sienna’s overcharge inconsistencies — overcharge explosion should kill Sienna no matter how much damage reduction she has.

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