eFootball 2022 update 1.0 sees major improvements

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After months of waiting, eFootball update 1.0 has been released by Konami. Originally, this major patch had been planned for November 2021 though the company made the tough decision to delay.

eFootball 2022 update 1.0 sees a number of crucial game-wide improvements as well as new game features, content, and modes. The Pro Evolution Soccer successor has been in dire need of a win since the free-to-play footie sim first released last year.

Too eager to get the game in the hands of players, Konami was caught well offside. Fans gave the game such a hiding that it quickly became the worst rated title on Steam at the time. Critics pointed to flaws in player handling, inconsistent visuals, and a general lack of content.

eFootball update 1.0 boasts a large number of improvements, touching on just about every gameplay element. Konami has detailed the changes being made to shooting, dribbling, passing, and most importantly, defence. Highlights include revised defence button commands that now include a shoulder charge; quicker passing; improved targeting and movement; realistic shooting speed. The devs also note that work has been done to make online connectivity more reliable.

There’s also the new Dream Team mode, which seems to be taking its inspiration from EA’s money-printing FIFA Ultimate Team:

“Dream Team” is not just about building a team with the strongest players and managers.

In this mode, you will be able to choose your favourite players and managers when signing them. You can then develop your players to fit your personal playstyle, which means you have almost infinite freedom to shape the team to your liking.

Build your “one and only Dream Team”, with your favourite players as well as players you have developed, and bring your own style of football to life. Play against other “Dream Teams” from around the world, and experience as many titanic clashes of differing footballing ideologies as there are fans throughout the world.

Konami and the eFootball community are no doubt hoping this update will bring the game back on track. Not only has the series been rebranded eFootball instead of PES, this is Konami’s attempt to operate a live service that evolve over time instead of following EA and FIFA’s yearly release model.

We previously reported that the mobile version of eFootball for iOS and Android had been delayed. There’s still no confirmed launch date though Konami promise an update soon.

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