Way of the Hunter coming to PS5, Xbox, and PC

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THQ Nordic has announced Way of the Hunter, an immersive new hunting sim coming to PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S, and PC.

Way of the Hunter starts with players inheriting their grandfather’s old hunting cabin, embarking on a “compelling story” surrounding the “challenges of ethical hunting”.

As you can you see from the announcement trailer, there’s a real beauty to game’s natural world. This genre is all about soaking in the atmosphere, carefully stalking your prey before lining up the perfect shot.

This is the first title from Slovakian developer, Nine Rocks Games, comprised of veterans who have previous worked on DayZ as well as the Cabela’s hunting series.

Way of the Hunter Key Features

  • Dozens of strikingly detailed animal species with realistic behavior models for a truly immersive hunting experience
  • Enjoy your perfect hunting adventure among friends in co-op mode
  • Hunt like a pro with features that highlight animal signs, blood splatter analysis, and shot review with the rewindable bullet camera
  • Two vast hunting territories with 55 square miles each
  • Realistic ballistics and bullet physics simulation
  • Sophisticated natural animal animations and reactions when sensing the players presence
  • A compelling story about the struggles of a family hunting business, and the rivalry and friendships that surround it
  • Complex Trophy system generates unique antlers and horns based on multiple factors like fitness and age
  • Shot review with the rewindable bullet camera

No release date has been given by THQ Nordic, though hopefully we can expect Way of the Hunter to arrive on new-gen consoles and PC soon, perhaps with a playable demo. You can now wishlist the game on Steam.

New blood within the hunting genre can only be a good thing. It’s been a couple of years since we last had a stand-out contender, the best two options being theHunter: Call of the Wild, and Hunting Simulator 2. There’s no word on whether the Cabela’s series will make a comeback anytime soon, the franchise having been formerly published by Activision.

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