Ooblets full release comes to Switch, Xbox & PC this summer

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Glumberland’s cute creature collector and life sim, Ooblets, will be coming to Nintendo Switch, Xbox Series X|S and Xbox One, and PC via the Epic Games Store this summer. There’s no exact release date, but hopefully it won’t be too long before the full game is in everyone’s hands.


Ooblets originally came to Early Access in summer of 2020 with a limited selection of content to explore.  Over the past two years, Glumberland has regularly added to the game with new regions, ooblets, crops, story content and (of course) quality of life improvements. The 1.0 release will add to this multiple new locations, new quests and the conclusion to the game’s main story.

But what on Earth is Ooblets? Ooblets is just a wonderfully quirky game, blending farming, life and dancing together. There’s a lot going on, with growing and selling crops like in Stardew Valley, but then building a team of dancing Ooblets, levelling them up to unlock new dance moves. Obviously you’ll then compete in dance-offs to earn new Ooblet seeds and grow more friends.

Meanwhile, there’s the slice-of-life gaming within Badgetown, getting to know the townspeople, completing daily challenges, earning badges and also helping the Mayor save the town from mysterious forces.

Announced way back in 2017, Ooblets was originally planned for release in 2018, but as you might have picked up by now, it missed that original target by… four years. Still, it’s had a good time going through Early Access.

As it was first made available, Miguel previewed the game for us, saying:

“Ooblets has a lot going for it already, it’s far from finished. There’s a lot of amazing potential here, and an adorably overwhelming amount of charm and personality. If you’re happy with getting your feet wet with a very work-in-progress package, then you’ll want to dive right in. If you’d prefer to play the game from beginning to end, though, you’ll need to wait until there’s a proper end to speak of.”

We’re looking forward to checking out the final game!

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