Arma 4 confirmed, Arma Reforger out now on PC and Xbox

Arma 4 Arma Reforger
Arma 4 Arma Reforger

The Arma franchise is expanding with two new games, the hotly anticipated Arma 4 is now confirmed to be in production and a brand new game, Arma Reforger, has been released on Xbox and PC right now. First up, lets take a look at how Arma 4 is progressing.

Arma Reforger is available now on PC (Early Access) and Xbox Series X/S (Game Preview) and ” will showcase the studio’s progress on their new Enfusion engine and offer a glimpse of things to come.”

Arma Reforger returns players to the island of Everon, the setting of Arma: Cold War Assault, part of the fictitious Malden Islands archipelago. The map is rather huge offering 164 km2 area containing 51 km2 of landmass, and there are two multiplayer game modes.

Conflict is a team versus team deployment, where players work together t o capture strategic positions from the enemy, and by base-building and completing tasks players will earn promotions. The second mode is Game Master, a dynamic sandbox in which players fight against each other in a fast-paced, mod-compatible mission-maker.

Let’s list those ever so important features!

  • Game Modes – Take to the battlefield in one of Arma Reforger’s two multiplayer game modes. Select a side and fight for the island of Everon in Conflict, or edit scenarios in Game Master and manage events as they unfold, guiding players through the chaos of war
  • Multiplatform – Experience authentic combat on both Xbox and PC, for the first time in the Arma series. Modded content is no longer exclusive to PC players and can be downloaded by console owners from the content creation repository on the Workshop.
  • Multiplayer – Join other players in the Conflict game mode and fight for the island of Everon across a massive open-world terrain, or create your own scenario as a Game Master in Arma Reforger’s real-time editor.
  • Reforging Arma – Arma Reforger is a versatile platform for player exploration — powered by the all-new Enfusion engine. Every aspect of the game can be modded using Workbench, a suite of in-house development tools, designed specifically for the Arma community.
  • Workshop – Expand the game with original modded content or make and share your own! The Workshop is Bohemia Interactive’s own integrated, repository service, meaning console players can also enjoy add-ons created by PC users.
  • Workbench – Thanks to the Enfusion engine, you can mod Arma Reforger using the exact same tools used to make it. Introduce new mechanics, assets, and more. The only limit is your technical abilities and imagination. Reshape the game and share your own creative vision!

Arma Reforger is in Early Access and the full V1.0 version does not have a launch at present.  You can grab it on Steam here. 

Source: Press release

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