A Little to the Left is a game about home organisation (with a cat)

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A Little to the Left was featured in the Day of the Devs stream at Summer Game Fest, a cosy puzzle game that’s about getting things lined up…. just right, and doing so with the occasional interruption from a typically mischievous cat!

Here’s an older trailer while we wait for a new video to be uploaded.

Keeping things neat and tidy isn’t the name of the game, but it might as well be. The puzzles will give you a little bit of a mess or a displeasing array of items and ask you to get them all organised or lined up in a way that makes sense. It could be sorting dosmestic cleaning products, sorting out a jumble of pencils, peeling the stickers off fruit, shuffling through scraps of paper, and so much more. However, as it’s a game about organisation, many of the puzzles that you will find in the game will have multiple solutions, highlighting that individual people can have different ways of thinking and wanting to organise things.

A Little to the Left Gameplay

Max Inferno took inspiration from their own home and decor when cooking up many of the puzzles, and decided that, since they have a cat, they might as well include their feline friend’s more chaotic tendencies in the game as well. You might be just about to have your spoons nicely arrayed when a cat’s paw sweeps across the screen and jumbles things up again. Cats, eh?!

But that’s not all there is to it. A Little to the Left will start off with relatively logical puzzles that require straightforward organisation, but Max Inferno tease that things will start to get a little bit more surreal as you keep playing. As well as this the game will have a ‘Daily Tidy Delivery’, a new puzzle to do each day that remixes something found in the game’s main selection of puzzles, keeping things nice and fresh and giving you a daily trickle of serotonin.

A Little to the Left is coming to Nintendo Switch and PC later in 2022.

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