Jurassic World Evolution 2 Dominion Biosyn Expansion Preview

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While the original intention for Jurassic World Evolution 2 was to launch alongside and ride the wave of marketing and hype for the new film Jurassic World Dominion, the state of cinema-led film releases over the last two years scuppered that plan. Instead, Evolution 2 came out and had to find its own way as a story set between the films. A few DLC packs have followed, but now, with Jurassic World Dominion hitting cinema screens this week, Frontier has cooked up the Dominion Biosyn Expansion, directly tying back into the film.

The expansion adds a new campaign to play, based at Biosyn Valley which is featured in the film. Dr. Lewis Dodgson (Campbell Scott) leads the way as the head of the ambitious Biosyn corporation, which is seeking to supplant Ingen in the field of dino resurrection, and has been since the very first Jurassic Park was in development. You might remember him (albeit with a different actor in the role) chatting with Seinfeld’s Newman in the original Jurassic Park, and BioSyn has an integral role in the new film.


It will also feature Dr. Alan Grant (Sam Neill) and Dr. Ellie Sattler (Laura Dern), who previously reprised their roles for the first game’s Return to Jurassic Park DLC, and are part of a fan-serving film cast as well.

Jurassic World Evolution 2 Dominion Biosyn DLC Valley

The Biosyn Valley is a brand new region filled with mosquito-laden amber to mine and try to find new species, with Dodgson deciding that the best way to secure exclusive access to these new dinosaurs is to build a huge research complex right on top of the mines. The new campaign gets in right on the ground floor, as it were, and the stage we played had us building up the facility from the humblest of beginnings – well, as humble as it can be when billions of dollars are being thrown at the problem – into the mega-tech corporation it eventually becomes.

With decades of technological advances, Biosyn is coming along with the ability to build a facility far more advanced than anything we’ve seen so far (and certainly much fancier than the government facilities from parts of JWE2’s original campaign.

Jurassic World Evolution 2 Dominion Biosyn DLC Hyperloop

While you still have to connect many buildings up with walkways, send ranger teams out in jeeps and helicopters, and make sure there’s emergency bunkers to shelter in during disasters, there’s several new buildings that can be placed out in the wilderness all on their own, relying on a new underground hyperloop system to connect them up. It’s a neat twist, meaning that observation towers can be right in the heart of a dangerous enclosure, without having to use exotic fence layouts or endanger people.

Keep on climbing the tech tree ladder, and you’ll quickly unlock fanciful ideas like invisible fencing to keep dinosaurs separate from one another, and implants to let you migrate them remotely, instead of having to tranquillise and airlift them all the time.

Jurassic World Evolution 2 Dominion Biosyn DLC Amber Mines

But the stars of the show will remain the dinosaurs, and there’s a bunch of new ones in Dominion Biosyn. For the very first time there’s some fine feeathered friends amongst them, including the Therizinosaurus, a fiercely territorial foliage-grazer with curved claws, the Pyroraptor, an intelligent pack-hunter named after the forest fire that led to its discovery, the carnivorous Dimetrodon, which became extinct before dinosaurs first appeared, and Quetzalcoatlus, one of the largest flying animals of all time. There’s also a feathered and scarred T-Rex, and some new skins and variants of other established dinos.

Dominion BioSyn builds on the excellent foundations of the main game here. Yes, there’s the fancy new invisible walls, but the real point is still to research new dinosaurs by mining amber deposits and then reconstructing their genome, incubating new clones of these creatures and hosting them in habitats that have been tailored to their requirements. You’ll need to fine-tune the amount of water they have, the amount of foliage, trees, rocks, ensuring they have the right food to graze upon as herbivores, hunt or scavenge from as carnivores. It’s nice and engaging, but light enough that it’s easy to understand what you need to do and how to do it.

Jurassic World Evolution 2 Dominion Biosyn DLC Dimetrodon

For fans of Jurassic World Evolution – perhaps you have some dinosaur obsessed kids? – the Dominion Biosyn Expansion will be pretty much essential. Whether you simply want new narrative missions and dinos to play with, a new Chaos Theory scenario, or are coming out of the film and want to dig into some of the untold backstory of Biosyn and Dodgson, this will almost certainly scratch that itch when it comes out next week. We’ll be working on a DLC review as soon as we can.

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