Stuntfest World Tour revealed, mixes destruction derby and bouncing

Stuntfest annoucement

Stuntfest World Tour has been announced by THQ Nordic, and it is currently a PC only title. Stuntfest World Tour is a mixture of racing, destruction derby, and stunt performance, with players able to eject from their cars to bounce around arenas. In matches players face off with 18 in total going competing in elimination style modes to become champions. The reveal trailer below shows the gameplay that people can expect.


In Stuntfest World Tour players will be able to control and manoeuvre their characters around the arena to grab pick ups high in the air, and use momentum to dive into cars to get back on the ground. Players can also wander around the arena outside of matches, using this area to customise their characters and vehicles. The key features of the Stuntfest World Tour are below.

  • A wild selection of the gutsiest competitions – from crash derby to a head-on-head glider race!
  • Customizable and upgradable vehicles – Your favorite is ready to be discovered!
  • Shoot for the stars! Eject from the car at the perfect moment to get ahead or for a surprise comeback.
  • Compete in the all-new trending extreme action sport. Become the next champion of the insane Stuntshow tournament!
  • From a punkster granny to a famous streamer – choose your favorite character and make it your own through various skins!

A release date for Stuntworld: World is yet to be confirmed by THQ Nordic, though it is expected to release at some point in 2022. The game is being developed by Pow Wow Entertainment.

Source: Press Release

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