Anonymous Code is heading West in 2023

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Anonymous Code, the latest title by Steins Gate creator Chiyomaru Shikura, is going to be released in the West in 2023, Spike Chunsoft has confirmed. The confirmed platforms are PC, Switch and PS4.


The story outline for Anonymous Code reads, “Pollon Takaoka is caught up in a tangle of plots as a result of his encounter with the mysterious girl Momo and faces a major event that shakes the world. Play as Pollon and hack the myriad branches of reality and “load” the ending that saves the world!”

Pollon is a 16 year old hacker that has formed a two person team called Nakano Symphonies. The aim of the group is to help people in Nakano, while also trying to build a reputation of becoming a hero. However, he is not the best hacker in his world but does his best. Cross is the other half of Nakano Symphonies, and his focus is gathering and analysing data. A year older then Pollon, Cross acts a mentor and guide. The final character revealed so far is Momo. She is Anonymous Code’s heroine who meets Pollon by accident. There are no details about Momo such as where she is from or how old she is.

The Steins;Gate games have become something of cult classics. The last release was Steins;Gate Elite in 2019. In our review, Nicole wrote, “Steins;Gate Elite lays down the welcome mat for newcomers whilst providing a much-needed excuse for eager fans to lose themselves in this stirring tale once more. Long-winded, technical dialogue segments are remedied with engaging animated scenes that keep you more thoroughly ensnared in it’s compelling story. Its time-travelling premise is thorough and easy to follow yet shrouds it’s narrative in an exciting element of unpredictability that overshadows your every decision with a daunting sense of uncertainty.”

Source: Spike Chunsoft

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