New Uncharted Nathan Drake statue will cost a pirate’s bounty

new uncharted nathan drake prime 1

PlayStation and Prime 1 Studio have unveiled a new Uncharted statue, though it comes with a price tag Nathan Drake himself might even balk at.

This pricey piece of PlayStation booty will set treasure hunters back at least $1,299 with an extra hundred bucks netting you a deluxe version including two swappable heads, two swappable right arm options, and a bonus AK-47. Shipping isn’t included within that cost – with the statue weighing in at over 15kg and international postage skyrocketing, the total sum will be eyewatering to the average gamer.

Of course, those familiar with Prime 1 Studio and its previous work will know the company’s premium range of gaming merch exclusively targets the high-end market. From Street Fighter and Bloodborne, to Devil May Cry, and Shadow of the Colossus, Prime 1 has a growing range of statues with many pushing towards the $1,000+ bracket. Here’s the official product overview:

In this thrilling 27 inch tall statue, Prime 1 Studio artists have posed an extremely acrobatic Nathan Drake in the midst of yet another exciting adventure. Nathan hangs off a wooden beam, supporting a cage inhabited by a long dead crewmate of the famed pirate, Henry Avery! Nathan aims his trusty sidearm at an unknown combatant, who is bound to lose his life in this encounter!

Our skillful artisans have included a variety of textures and materials in this statue, which underscores the importance the source material played in the creation of it. The world of Uncharted is nothing if not dense with detail, grit, and atmosphere. The Studio took full advantage of this when creating this magnificent figure! The weathering, the dirt, the grime, all come alive with the lifelike rendering of the painting masters.

Will there be a new Uncharted game?

With The Lost Legacy having launched almost half a decade ago, fans have been clamouring for a new Uncharted game. However, following the events of Uncharted 4, it’s unclear what direction Naughty Dog – or another PlayStation studio – would take if and when the series returns. Right now, ND is going full throttle on The Last of Us, with a remake of Part I launching in just a few weeks and a massive multiplayer game in the pipeline. We’re also guessing that a PS5 update or port of Part II is also coming, so it’s hard to say whether the team also has something Uncharted-related on its plate too. Following the surprising box office success of the recent Uncharted movie, Sony surely has plans to do something with the dormant video game series.

Uncharted 4 and its standalone DLC was re-released for the PS5 in 2022 with enhanced visuals and performance. A PC version of the Legacy of Thieves collection is also coming, though we don’t have a confirmed release date as of yet.

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