Gravity brawler Flippin Misfits is coming out in September

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Beahviour Interactive announced that their gravity-bending party brawler Flippin Misfits will be coming out for PC in September.


Flippin Misfits is a brawler for 2-4 players, but we’ve already seen that with Super Smash Bros. and now MultiVersus haven’t we? Do we need another one right now? Well, Flippin Misfits is quite different to that, thanks to the ability to flip gravitational pull in any direction.

Set in a space ship on the edge of the universe, there’s a bunch of arenas both inside and outside the ship. Players can modify the direction of the gravitational pull on themselves to be in any direction, and in full 3D, so long as you can see a surface to swap it to. Using this, you can attack your rivals from literally any direction – something that will be easier to keep track of in two player matches than in four player.

The game’s setting is a funky take on various sci-fi influences, with a cartoony and vibrantly neon colour palette, while the soundtrack leans on underground clubhouse vibes for a distinctly upbeat feel.

Source: YouTube, Press Release

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