Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak Title Update 1 arrives tomorrow

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Title Update 1 for Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak it out tomorrow, 10th August, for both Nintendo Switch and PC adding four fan-favourite monsters, expanding the Anomaly Quest system, new Event Quests and more.

There’s always new challenges on the way for hunters, and Title Update 1 brings plenty of them with four returning foes to battle. Coming from Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate, Lucent Nargacuga will be found in the redesigned Forlorn Arena, using refracted moonlight to become nearly invisible, with just its red eyes there to be seen by hunters.

Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak Update Lucent Nargacuga

Alongside that beast, there’s also the Seething Bazelgeuse, who comes with explosive scales and airborne attacks, and there’s also the Gold Rathian and Silver Rathalos as rare subspecies that are even more ferocious.

Beyond that fearsome foursome, the Anomaly Research Quest system is being expanded with new five star ratings for quests unlocked, which add new afflicted monsters like Lunagaron and Magma Almudron, which can be unlocked through this quest system. Anomaly Investigations have also been added with randomised quest conditions, including different target monsters, locations, and the number of hunters as difficulty gradually increases.

Anomaly Investigations offer new materials to allow for further Qurious Crafting customisations, beefing up your gear with particular enhancements. You can exchange items found from Anomaly Investigations at the Anomaly Research Lab.

And then, starting on 18th August, you have the new Event Quests that will roll out each week, and new Dual Threats hunts for people that reckon they can take on two monsters at once.

Want to know if it’s worth diving into this grand expansion? Well, make sure you read our Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak review. Dom writes:

“Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak is a nigh on perfect expansion, bringing meaningful gameplay change, charming new cast members, and most importantly, more monsters to hunt. It is, for those in the know, absolutely unmissable.”

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