Xbox Elite Series 2 Core controller comes with lower price and no accessories

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Microsoft has announced the Xbox Elite Controller Series 2 Core, a white variant of the Xbox Elite Controller Series 2 that comes with a lower price point, but jettisons all of the accessories that the regular black Xbox Elite Controller Series 2 comes with – you will be able to buy these separately, but then the whole thing costs more.

Available from 21st September, the Xbox Elite Series 2 Core will be priced at £114.99/$129.99, a £45/$50 drop from the regular edition’s £159.99/$179.99 pricing, but still comes with all of the core high-end pro controller features that you would want.

There’s a built in 40-hour rechargeable battery, textured grips, detachable thumbsticks with adjustable tension, analogue trigger short-stops, and four programmable rear paddles. The controller also features built-in profiles, so you can quickly swap between set ups for different games.

However, you lose a lot of the flexibility to take advantage of the modular design, with just the thumbstick adjustment tool and a USB-C charging cable included. There’s no charging dock, no extra set of rear paddles, no additional thumbsticks of different shapes and heights, no additional D-Pad cover and no carrying case.

That’s fine if you just want the standard features of the pro controller, but it will cost you more to get them. The Complete Component pack will retail separately for £54.99/$59.99, meaning you’ll pay £10/$10 more getting the whole package.

Oh, and if you don’t like black or white? Well, the Xbox Elite Series 2 will be coming to Xbox Design Lab, letting you select a colour of your choice later this year.

The Xbox Elite Controller first debuted in 2016 as a Microsoft-made pro controller option. At the time, choice in this high-end controller market was still relatively slim, but has ballooned over the past half decade with Scuf, Nacon, Razer, Thrustmaster and others getting in on the action. Sony’s just announced their own first party pro controller for PlayStation, the DualSense Edge.

While Microsoft has helped to set the bar in one way, in another, they’ve fallen short. A quick look online will tell you that there are an awful lot of people buying this expensive gaming peripheral, but then finding that the Xbox Elite controllers break all too regularly, particularly around the shoulder buttons, and need to be replaced under warranty. It’s all anecdotal, but there’s a few too many reports to be comfortable.

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