Sable is going to be released on PS5 by end of the year

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Sable is coming to PS5 it has been announced by Shedworks and Raw Fury, with it expected to be available by the end of the year. The PS5 version will have exclusive DualSense features, though exactly how Sable will utilise the controller is to be confirmed. Sable will also be getting new features including fishing, a new angler mask, and the ability to add fish to the Vivarium.


Sable is a coming-of-age story where you set out and explore a gorgeously stylised alien planet. You’ll explore ancient monuments, ruined architecture and wrecked ships that have fallen to ground from outer space, all determining the future path that you will take. You can explore at your own pace, gliding, climbing and travelling on foot as you wish, but you can also hop onto your own hoverbike, a vehicle that you can customise as you go through the world. Not only that, but your journey will be accompanied by the already fantastic sounding original soundtrack by indie artist Japanese Breakfast.

In our Sable review, Stefan wrote, “Sable is a truly wondrous and serene experience at times, but lift the mask and you find it’s also one that has its flaws and inconveniences. If you can see past its weaknesses, this is a journey of pure and innocent discovery that’s well worth taking.”

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