WRC Generations is now coming out on 3rd November for all platforms

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Nacon and developer KT Racing have announced a partial delay for WRC Generations. The console versions of the game across PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X|S and Xbox One will now release on 3rd November 2022, joining the previously delayed PC version of the game for a simultaneous release across the three platforms.

WRC Generations had previously been set to come out on 13th October for PlayStation and Xbox, with KT Racing holding the PC version back to 3rd November to ensure it meets a certain level of quality after a buggy PC release of WRC 10. The Nintendo Switch version will still be released separately, coming out by the end of 2022 before their WRC licensing agreement expires.

The new release date, KT Racing say, will ensure that all players have the best possible experience, with the Leagues mode and its cross-play functionality in particular. However, there’s also just a lot of content in the game, with some completely new and a number of overhauled rallies included, the new WRC hybrid cars, an expanded roster of classic WRC cars, and more.

Pre-orders for WRC Generations are now live, with a pre-order bonus of getting Marcus Grönholm’s Peugeot 206 WRC from 2002 to drive in-game. Additionally, the Fully Loaded Edition will add Sebastien Loeb’s Citroën C4 WRC, a career started pack, three months of access to to the real world championship’s WRC+ platform, and 48 hours early access to the game.

WRC Generations will really be building on the foundations of WRC 10, which was already a great rallying game. KT Racing have really honed in on what makes their rally game tick over the last few years, and for our WRC 10 review, Dom said: “WRC 10 is a great rally package that hones many of the WRC 9’s strengths to a finer edge. There’s a couple of visual glitches that need working on, but all in all, rally fans will love what KT Racing have put together this year.”

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