All the games featured in the Day of the Devs 10th Anniversary Showcase

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Day of the Devs is celebrating its 10th anniversary and the return of an in-person indie showcase this week, and has just wrapped up this latest digital showcase.

The in-person event will take place on 5th November in San Francisco at The Midway. It’s free to attend and has over 70 games on show to play. This showcase featured just a handful of them – 16 to be precise. Let’s dive into all of the games!

Mina the Hollower – Yacht Club Games

Coming from the makers of Shovel Knight, this is a new retro-styled adventure that takes after Game Boy Color Zelda games. It was expected to released this year, but there’s still no release date for this one.

Snuffkin: Melody of Moomin Valley – Hyper Games

Adapting the popular children’s stories of Moomins into video games is no small task, but Hyper games have crafted a musical adventure to do just that. Playing as Snuffkin, you have to wander around Moomin Valley restoring harmony and balance to the home of the Moomins by interacting with local wildlife, removing an invasion of signs, and solving other puzzles. The art style is inspired by that of Tove Jansson with an almost paper cutout style. You can wishlist now on Steam.

Escape Academy: Escape from Anti-Escape Island – Coin Crew Games

There’s a new trailer for the first DLC to this escape room game, which will launch next week on 10th November.

Dead Pets Unleashed – Triple Topping

A game that follows the life and times of Gordi, a member of a demon punk rock band that’s turning 30, navigating the many conversations between characters and getting through life in the form of minigames that include everything from working in a diner to rhythm game band practice, eating healthy, tinder swiping, menstruation and cleaning sex toys.

The game is coming to Xbox, PlayStation and Switch, but there’s a demo live now on Steam & for PC. That’s just been updated with a new chapter to play through.

Terra Nil: Reclaim the Wasteland – Free Lives

This is described as a reverse city builder. Your goal is not to build, but to restore nature from decay. That will mean sending in facilities to cleanse soil, prepare for irrigation, and even force the natural cycles of things like controlled burns to increase bio diversity and lead toward mangroves, swamplands, fields of flowers, rainforests and more. Once your job is done? It’s time to pack up your things and leave.

Terra Nil is coming to Steam in early 2023, and to mobile via Netflix Games.

Thirsty Suitors – Outerloop Games

This mash up of skateboarding, cooking, dating, and borderline oppressive expectations of your parents has a new demo available to try on Steam.

Colossal Cave – Cygnus Entertainment

Coming from the founders of Sierra, Ken and Roberta Williams, who were inspired to start making video games by the original text adventure game, Colossal Cave, they’ve decided to remake this classic for a brand new and modern audience. It’s being reimagined as a fully 3D experience with support for VR. You still have the original text adventure running through it with a narrator accompanying your actions, but there’s a bit of a Myst vibe to this now.

Colossal Cave is coming to PC, Mac, Meta Quest and Switch.

Surmount – Jasper 7 Jonas

A quirky climbing game that’s all about swinging, momentum and stamina – this one’s sure to be a hit with Twitch streamers. No two trips up the mountain environments will be alike, and you can tackle the challenge solo or in co-op, making use of ropes, bungee cords, plungers, teleporters and cliff tents. Underneath it all, there’s stories to uncover as you meet quirky people along the way.

Gunbrella – Doinksoft

There was a new trailer for this sidescrolling steampunk action-adventure Gunbrella. You’re on a mission of revenge in this resource-starved world. It looks suitably excellent for fans of this kind of thing.

Evolutis – Poke Life Studio

Inspired by 80s, 90s and early 2000s cyberpunk settings, this is a 2D story-driven game with a hand drawn, computer animated style. The world is full of neon lights vibes and shining metal, but there’s a dark tone and brutal violence as well – the protagonist is stabbed in the hand right at the start of the demo.

Atari 50th Anniversary Collection – Digital Eclipse

You know what you’re going to get with a 50th anniversary collection of Atari games, right? Well, yes, but there’s that and more. Thie collection aims to build greater appreciation of the iconic gaming brand with games from the 2600, through the Lynx, Jaguar and Home Computer, lots of documentary-level details and more. There’s also six reconstructed modern takes on some of the ultra-simple classics.

Slime Heroes – Pancake Games

What if the slimes weren’t the bad guys in an action RPG? That’s Slime Heroes, where you play a slime with plenty of inventive Slime-based abilities. You’re seeking to explore this world and restore harmony, battling corrupted ancient guardians like the Bearcupine. You need to save them by defeating them in battle, earning you weapons to help your onward progress.

Samurai Zero – Neo interactive

This third person  arena-based action-filled multiplayer game casts you as a superpowered samurai in a science fantasy setting. You’ll battle against other players using abilities and combos, dodgin and deflecting incoming attacks. There’s also plans for duels and objective-based game modes.

Sunshine Shuffle – Strange Scaffold

Coming from the maker of that Dog Airport Game, you’re a PI playing cards on a boat with a gang that pulled off the biggest heist on the Eastern Seaboard 12 years ago. Also, you can decorate that boat.

What the Bat? – Triband

This VR follow up to What the Golf? is as wild as you would hope. You have bats for hands and you’ve got an ordinary life to lead, from cooking an egg, to playing pinball, and going to space. It’s coming to Quest VR and Steam VR in 2022. Probably PSVR 2 as well, but that’s not been confirmed yet.

Sea of Stars – Sabotage Studios

Set in the same universe as The Messenger, Sea of Stars is a turn-based RPG that leaps to a different genre (obviously). The game takes inspiration from dungeon crawlers with quite a physical way of getting around the world, but then jumping across to turn-based battles, infused with time-based inputs to improve the attacks and abilities. You play as a pair of children of the solstice who combine their sun and moon-based abilities to create eclipse magic to fight against the Fleshmancer. Also there’s a fishing mini-game.

Sea of Stars will be coming out in 2023.

And that’s a wrap!

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