The Best Black Friday Xbox Series X|S & Xbox One deals on consoles, controllers & games

We’re at the epicentre of the weeks long sales that have surrounded Black Friday 2022, and there’s plenty of deals to be found across games, accessories and even consoles for Xbox fans. Now’s a great time to get in some early Christmas shopping as well, if you already know exactly what you’re getting someone.

Here’s the best UK Black Friday deals we’ve found for Xbox Series X|S and Xbox One games, accessories and more.


Grab an Xbox Series S for just £190!

Sony and Microsoft aren’t discounting their biggest and best consoles this year (but look below for a slight offer on the Series X) but the Xbox Series S has had a big price cut. The MSRP has dropped from £249.99 to £209.99, but Currys, Amazon and Smyths Toys have gone down to £189.99.

Update: price matched by Microsoft themselves!

Xbox Series S render

The Xbox Series S is really very tempting as a great Xbox Game Pass box for £190 this Black Friday.

Save £20 on an Xbox Series X

No, it’s not an official price drop from Microsoft, and no it’s not even 5% off, but there is at least some kind of deal on the Xbox Series X. Very went first and Smyths Toys following in cutting the price to £429. In fairness, it’s now a hefty £50 cheaper than a PlayStation 5 (with disc drive)

Get another Xbox controller for £35

The latest generation Xbox Series controllers have been officially reduced to £39.99, with several retailers dropping that to £34.99, including Smyths Toys, Amazon, Game, Argos and Microsoft. This includes the white, black, blue, red, and ‘electric volt’ lime green versions of the controller.

Get 6 months of free Apple TV+ at Currys

If you’re buying anything from Currys, by the way, then know that they’re also giving 6 months of Apple TV+ with every online purchase (new and returning customers only, and that have not redeemed a similar Apple services offer with Currys in the past).

The best Xbox Series X|S and Xbox One game deals

You can catch the full list of Xbox digital game deals on the Microsoft Store here, where you can find things like Halo: The Master Chief Collection for £11.99, Deathloop is under £20 and Gears Tactics is £11.54, but there’s plenty of great offers on disc from other stores as well. Halo Infinite for £15? That’ll do nicely!

Unless otherwise noted, all games are cross-gen and compatible with both Xbox Series X and Xbox One. Disc games are not usable with Xbox Series S.

Halo Infinite Campaign Co-op Gameplay

Race on over to grab Halo Infinite’s campaign for £15.

There’s always Game Pass for £1

Microsoft’s never-ending offer of getting your first month of Xbox Game Pass for £1 continues. It also seems that you can still do the trick of stocking up on Xbox Live Gold for up to 3 years and then convert that entire time into Game Pass Ultimate for the price of one month.

The Xbox Series SSD is slightly cheaper, I guess?

The price of the Xbox Series X|S SSDs are appalling compared to what you can get on PlayStation 5 now, but if you need or want one, then the 1TB Seagate SSD is reduced from £200 to £185 at Currys, Amazon

Get better audio with a gaming headset

There’s almost too many gaming headsets to choose from these days, and it’s made a little trickier when having to look for something Xbox compatible. A wired headset is always dependable and can plug into the Xbox controller. Microsoft’s own Xbox Stereo Headset is down to £37.99 when bought directly, for example.

This guy’s totally fine with having a wired headset.

Wireless headsets can be a bit more expensive when they have Xbox support, and that’s true of the Turtle Beach Stealth 600x Gen 2. It’s still a dependable option and has a reasonable discount, but where the PlayStation version is around £50, the ‘600x’ version for Xbox is only discounted to £69.99 at Currys.

Looking a bit up market, the Steelseries Arctis Nova 7X is truly cross-platform and usable with PlayStation, Switch, PC and Xbox thanks to a USB-C dongle. It’s now available for £144 at Amazon, or £149 at Steelseries. There’s also the previous generation design Arctis 7X £104.99, or the Arctis 9X for £109.99, which connects directly without a dongle.

Get the latest gaming OLED TVs

If you want to make the most of an Xbox Series X, then you’ll need to pair it with a TV capable of VRR, 120Hz, HDR and more. OLED TVs are the current pinnacle, and there’s good discounts to be had here.

LG is the best known brand for OLED TVs – other companies like Sony actually use LG panels in their TVs. The OLED55CS6LA comes in hot at the 55″ sweet spot for current TVs. This blends the 2022 C2 chipset with the design and panel of the 2021 C1, but still has 120Hz, VRR and other gaming features. It can be found for £849 at John Lewis (for free My John Lewis members) and at Richer Sounds (for free VIP members). The typical discounted price is £949.

Another 55″ option is  the Sony XR55A80JU OLED TV. This is £999 for the Black Friday period, which is available from Currys, John Lewis, Richer Sounds, Hughes, Amazon, Argos and more.

The LG OLED CS model TV

Blending the 2021 design and OLED panel with some 2022 tech, the CS model TVs from LG are great value.

If 55″ is too big for you and/or your living space, then the LG 42″ C2 model one of the best deals this year. The C2 model sports the new OLED evo panels that are brighter than before, and with the latest chipset and design. This can be had for just £699 at John Lewis (for free My John Lewis members) and at Richer Sounds (for free VIP members). The typical discounted price is £799.

That’s our big Black Friday Xbox Series X|S round up for 2022. Let us know if you’ve found any better deals in the comments below!

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