Horizon Forbidden West – Burning Shores DLC flies to LA in April – Only on PS5

Horizon Forbidden West Burning Shores Header

Guerrilla Games announced a big expansion DLC for Horizon Forbidden West – Burning Shores, which will be out on 19th April 2023. This DLC is only coming to PlayStaiton 5, and not to PlayStation 4.

Burning Shores will takes Aloy further along the West Coast of America, to Los Angeles and Hollywood – which you can tell because they destroy the Hollywood sign!

The blurb reads, “Horizon Forbidden West: Burning Shores sees Aloy pursue a sinister threat in the untamed wilds of Los Angeles, now a treacherous volcanic archipelago.”

Guerrilla continues: “Our creative vision for the Burning Shores is an ambitious expansion which will take Aloy to the ruins of Los Angeles. It’s an overgrown and fractured city that can be fully explored via the water and flying on the back of a Sunwing. A massive machine threat lurks in its shadows – a huge challenge that Aloy must overcome by using all of her skills and abilities. To achieve this grand vision technically and creatively, we’ve made the difficult decision to focus all our efforts on making an incredible experience exclusively for the PlayStation®5 console.”

While Horizon Forbidden West launched on PlayStation 4, it looks like Burning Shores will be leaving the last generation behind. There’s no mention of the PS4 in the trailer or the description, but the PS5 is mentioned on its own.

Horizon Forbidden West is a fantastic sequel. In our review, Tuffcub said, “Horizon Forbidden West improves upon Zero Dawn in almost every aspect. The story is particularly well written and ebbs and flows from air punching highs to dark, horrific lows. Like later Jurassic Park movies it suffers from the fact that we’ve already seen massive robotic dinosaurs on our TVs, the wow factor is reduced, and that the puzzles, crafting, and RPG elements could have been lifted from any number of games. Even so, it’s still a spectacular robo-beast smack down and thoroughly enjoyable to play.”

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