Watch 12 minutes of new Resident Evil 4 remake gameplay

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A fresh slice of Resident Evil 4 remake gameplay has been released, with a new 12 minute video released by Capcom for a Game Informer cover feature. Check it out:

The new gameplay walks through Chapter 5 from the game, showing a section where Leon has managed to rescue Ashley and it trying to make it to an extraction point. Fans of the 2005 original will be very familiar with this segment of the game and the plot twists and turns, and this gameplay video demonstrates a lot of the changes to the game.

In particular, there have been changes to Ashley. She previously had a distinct health bar and could be grabbed and dragged off by enemies, but for the remake she no longer has a health bar. She can still take too much damage, though, and enter into a downed state where she will need to be revived. If hit while downed, then Ashely will die and you’ll have to restart from the last save or checkpoint.

The game also has knife durability, though the melee weapon has much more utility in the remake, letting you parry incoming attacks and break out from grabs much more quickly – it’s a decent trade off – and Capcom has added new side missions as well.

We got to go hands on with Resident Evil 4 last year, having a great time revisiting the opening village encounter. From our preview, I said, “While there’s no way that Resident Evil 4’s remake will be as revolutionary and trend-setting as the original, Capcom’s considered approach to updating the game will make sure that it’s not being left behind either. It looks fantastic, it plays with a modern flair, but it finely balances that with staying true to the original.”

Resident Evil 4 remake has a release date for PS5, Xbox Series X|S, PS4 and PC of 24th March 2023. The game will also have PSVR 2 support, though this has not yet been detailed by Capcom.

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