The Dark Pictures: Switchback VR gameplay revealed in new walkthrough video

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Supermassive Games has released a 10 minute deep dive into The Dark Pictures: Switchback VR, which is coming exclusively to PlayStation VR 2 on March 16th.

Switchback VR is the studio’s first VR game since 2018, and actually goes back to their first effort on PlayStation VR, Until Dawn: Rush of Blood, as a source of inspiration. Like that game, it’s an on-rails shooter with a horror twist, but with PSVR 2, the PS5 and The Dark Pictures, they’re looking to intensify the horror.

The game sees you involved in a train crash that has you trapped and slipping in and out of consciousness, as the demon Belial hunts you through your worst nightmares. Through this they’ll revisit moments and settings from across the Dark Pictures Anthology, with ghost ship apparitions from Man of Medan, through to the serial killer of The Devil in Me. It’s a good thing you’ve got guns in your nightmares, eh?

But that’s not all, as the game looks to tap into the new tech featured in PSVR 2. Of particular note there’s eye-tracking which will be used to see if and when you blink before letting enemies move – a bit like the weeping angels from Doctor Who! If you’re not quick enough to duck and weave around objects, you’ll have your head buzzed with the headset rumble, and you’ll need to hold on tight during tempestuous weather with the controller’s grip buttons. Meanwhile, the Sense controller adaptive triggers will lend each gun a different trigger feel, and there’s always 3D Audio to immerse you in the world.

Hopefully these elements can help elevate the game beyond Rush of Blood, which was a fine shooter, but lacking in scares. While the headset and technology within PSVR 2 is fantastic – check out our review here – it needs plenty of great new games to come out for it, but is getting off to a strong start with Horizon Call of the Mountain.

Source: press release, PS Blog

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