Xbox Game Pass Friends & Family expands to six more countries

xbox game pass
xbox game pass

Microsoft has announced that Xbox Game Pass Ultimate’s Friends & Family plan has expanded its trial to six more countries around the world.

Xbox players in Chile, Hungary, Israel, New Zealand, South Africa, and Sweden can now upgrade the standard single user Xbox Game Pass Ultimate plan to allow for sharing the subscription within a group of up to five friends and family. The trial is also still available in Colombia and Ireland, where it debuted in August last year.

This friends & family plan is Microsoft’s answer to multi-console and multi-user households, adding a little more flexibility in our digital age. In most countries, Xbox Game Pass Ultimate is really a single-user subscription service, though access to the game library is available to all users for the subscriber’s home console. This does allow for some awkward ways to share a subscription, but friends & family members will all have full access to the Xbox Game Pass library in their own right.

The one caveat is that only the main subscriber will be able to share their subscription to a home console, with other members of a group having more restricted access in that regard.

People can switch over to the friends and family plan, which will convert any existing subscription time at a rate of 1 month to 18 days. From that, we know that a month of Game Pass Ultimate at $14.99 converts to $24.99 for a month of the family plan. This will then be converted to local currencies. That’s a pretty significant price increase if you’re in a two-player household, but does make a fair bit more sense if you have three or more people wanting to share a subscription.

Source: Xbox Wire

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