Halo Infinite Season 3 Echoes Within trailer gives a look at what to expect

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The launch trailer for Halo Infinite’s Season 3 Echoes Within trailer has been released, and gives players a look at what to expect when the season starts on March 7th. This includes a new 100 tier battle pass, maps, cosmetics, weapon and equipment. This will be the biggest update for Halo Infinite’s multiplayer since the launch of the game.

The first map revealed is Oasis for Big Team Battle, which is set in a desert environment with UNSC buildings on location too, giving both large open areas and smaller confines to fight in. The large spaces will give enough room for vehicular combat too, as seen in the trailer. The new equipment, Shroud Screen, is also shown in action providing a screen that conceals players allowing escape or to hide surprises. The new weapon will be the M392 Bandit.

Cliffhanger is a new map for Arena and it looks like it has narrow routes which will funnel players into close quarters combat. There is a leap pad that will let players get to the other side of the map quickly too. The second new Arena map is Chasm which has quite a lot of open space within its confines, which could mean that you will not be able to hide from other players. The trailer also shows a new mode called Escalation Slayer. A community collection playlist will allow players to earn XP too. The maps included here are Art’s Room by ArtNoob, Starboard by Pwn Jones, Perilous by Sikamikanico and Whos Blaze,  and Salvation by Black Picture and Infinite Forges. There looks to be some story content too but not much is given away in the trailer.

Last month, 343 Industries released a statement about the future of Halo after it was reported there had been layoffs at the studio as well as other Xbox studios. In the statement, it was confirmed that 343 Industries would continue to lead on the development on the Halo franchise, countering reports that the studio would be stepping back.

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