Sludge Life 2 announced, and you can now get the original for free

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Devolver Digital, Terri Vellmann and Doseone have announced Sludge Life 2, a sequel to the first person vandalism sim of 2020, and to celebrate they’re giving the original game away for free.

Big Mud has gone missing in Sludge Life 2, and it’s up to Ghost (that’s you) to head out into the city to find him. There’s something strange going on in the Ciggy City Suites and the surrounding areas, and you’ll have tons of NPCs to find and talk to as you try to figure it out – there’s more than three times the number of NPCs that in the original game.

Naturally, you’ll be running around and tagging everywhere you can, with one hundred tag spots hidden around the world, and you’ve got new tools to help you do that. There’s new items like the Double Js to let you double jump and sprint, as well as a Portable Launcher to launch yourself up into the air.

Oh, and of course there’s new music from Doseone that feeds into this grimy world.

Sludge Life 2 Ciggy Beach

Sludge Life 2 is “coming soon”, so just watch this space for more on the game’s launch.

If any of that or the trailer has piqued your interest, then good news, because the original game can be grabbed for free on Steam for the next seven days. You have until 30th March at 6PM to add the game to your steam account. To save you having to type Sludge Life into a search bar, here’s a handy link:

Miguel’s been hands on with the sequel, writing in our Sludge Life 2 preview, “There’s life in every corner of this game, and I’m already dying to see all of it. Sludge Life was the kind of game that we desperately need more of, and Sludge Life 2 is shaping up to be so, so much more.”

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