DUBIUM’s final open beta test is now live

MUMO Studio has announced that the final open beta for its social mystery and deduction game DUBIUM, with players able to access it through Steam. This open beta will run from today and up until April 10th. The aim of the game is to escape a space station with players either cast as Frontier or Traitor. The Frontier players aim to escape, while the Traitor will try to stop the others and escape themselves.

“We’re proud to present the latest upgrades to DUBIUM, following the amazing community engagement we saw last fall. DUBIUM is an evolution of the social deduction genre that we hope delivers an immersive and satisfying gameplay experience.” says KiHoon Choi, CEO and Game Director at MUMO Studio. “Since DUBIUM’s space station includes many ways to interact, scheme, and survive, we heard from players that we needed to implement a robust tutorial with updated guide videos. DUBIUM may seem simple on its surface but players have been surprised by the depth it has to offer. We want to welcome new players with open arms, showing them all they can do as Frontiers and Traitors, while also offering a deeper understanding of the unique tools each character can access.”

MUMO Studio has stated that it has used the feedback from a previous closed test to improve the gameplay of DUBIUM. A Frontier Training Centre has been added so players can go through tutorials and learn how the game works, along with new guide videos. New minigames have been added to including for solar panel repair, and a mission progress bar has also been added to see how much progress Frontier and Traitor players have been made. Gadgets can be upgraded too. Daily missions are also being added so players can level up, with rewards including in game currency and cosmetics.

Source: Press Release

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