The Elder Scrolls Online update 2.43 fixes combat bugs

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Bethesda and Zenimax Online Studios have rolled out The Elder Scrolls Online update 2.43 – also referred to as v8.3.7. Available now on all platforms, including PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X|S, and PC this latest patch for the action MMORPG includes minor tweaks and fixes.

The new update arrives ahead of ESO’s upcoming expansion, Necrom, which includes more than 30 hours of content across new quests, zones, and other activities. Arriving on June 5th for PC (then 2 weeks after on consoles) Necrom will also debut a new playable class, The Arcanist.

The Elder Scrolls Online update 2.43 patch notes

Combat & Gameplay


  • Fixed an issue where break free/interrupt would not register when pressing multiple buttons.
  • Fixed an issue in Gamepad Mode where some button states would block actions triggered by other buttons.

Fixes & Improvements


  • The loadscreen that featured Naryu will no longer have her head cut off by the black textured border.

Art & Animation


  • Fixed an issue where some enchantments could become stronger than intended.
  • Note: The tooltip will still reflect the incorrect enchantment values on affected items and will be fixed in a future patch.

Crafting & Economy


  • Fixed the following Motifs and Furnishings that could not be converted into gems, listed below with their intended gem value:
  • Crown Crafting Motif 67: Welkynar Style – 33 gem value
  • Crown Crafting Motif 55: Dreadhorn Style – 33 gem value
  • Orb of the Spirit Queen – 33 gem value
  • Reach Chandelier, Hagraven – 13 gem value
  • Rite of the Harrowforged – 13 gem value

Customized Actions

  • Fixed an issue with the “Bitter Coast Recall” Customized Action where escalating wayshrine fees were not correctly being applied.

Crown Store & Crown Crates


  • Fixed an issue with the Occlusion Culling Beta if the system failed to initialize properly, it would crash the game client.
  • Fixed a rare issue where it was possible to not receive all the Ancient Dragon Hunter collectibles through Amazon Prime Gaming.

Source: The Elder Scrolls Online