Fall Guys is getting a level creator next week in Season 4: Creative Construction

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Launching on 10th May, Fall Guys Season 4 will debut a fully fledged level creator in the blundering battle royale, bringing players all the tools that they need to cobble together challenging levels for friends to play. The very best of these will then be plucked by the Mediatonic team and featured in new playlists.

To start with Fall Guys Creative will be limited to Race level types in either the original or the new digital theme that is coming in Season 4, but it will grow in future updates to include further themes, different round types, more obstacles and music. From the announcement live stream, the creation tools look nice and intuitive, bolting together parts, letting you fiddle with various trap and item properties, and customising the look of with different colours. The only real limitations are the need for a start, checkpoints and end.

Going forward, these will be the same tools that the Mediatonic team will use to build all their own levels as well, and they’re going to be absolutely churning them out, with over 50 new Mediatonic-made Rounds coming through the season.

With that in mind, seasons will now be a bit longer, as Fall Guys transitions away from the season pass model to shorter Fame passes. These are now cheaper and cost 600 Show Bucks, though it’s not yet clear how long each Fame Pass will last. Mediatonic asserts that these will provide greater value over time.

Mediatonic also teased some upcoming features and ideas that could be on their way to the game, including a Tether mode that will tie multiple players together to force co-op, and a new rolling feature. These could be quite a way off, so the real focus for the time being will be on the creativity that can be fostered with the level editing tools.

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