Atomic Heart 1.6 update released, patch notes here

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Atomic Heart has been updated to version 1.6 on PC and consoles. The patch has improved some dialogue, improved aiming view, and improved stability. Mundfish has also released some recommendations about known issues, for example a delay with achievements unlocking in saves that were active from before the day one patch.

Atomic Heart update 1.6 patch notes

Improved dialogues (adjusted length, place/time of activation, overall amount)
Improved view when aiming with a modified FOV setting (hands no longer cover the scope)
Fixed some rare issues with saves of the game
Improved game stability

We cannot guarantee or support the game if the Atomic Heart game client has been modified by any third-party software. If this happens, you should uninstall this software and reinstall the game.

If you encounter issues on Steam, first check the integrity of the game files as described here. Clicking here may solve the issues.

Updating the driver to the latest version may improve performance (NVIDIA only).

The problem with unlocking achievements has already been solved, but in some very rare cases, the following issues may occur:

○ There may be some delay in unlocking achievements on a platform that requires an Internet connection for this process;

○ For those whose achievements were achieved entirely on savegames before or during the Day 1 patch, there may be some issues, which can be solved as follows:

a) In case the achievements were not unlocked, even though their progress was achieved, it will be necessary to re-execute all the conditions by starting a new game.

b) In the rare case where all achievements have been obtained, but the “The Motherland Does Not Forget its Heroes” achievement has not been unlocked for achieving them all, the problem can be solved simply by starting a new game. Data will be recalculated at the launch of the new game, which will entail unlocking the achievement.

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