Microsoft Flight Simulator City update 2 released, adds five French cities

Microsoft Flight Simulator Xbox

Microsoft Flight Simulator’s city update 2 has been released today, with the focus being on France. The update adds five French cities with those being Amiens, Angers, Nantes, Nîmes, and Reims. That is not all though as the Paris–Le Bourget Airport has also been added to celebrate the Paris Air Show. Further still, the Latécoère Model 631 is being made available as DLC, costing $14.99.

Some of the highlights from the Microsoft Flight Simulator City Update 2 include:

  • Amiens, located in France’s northern region, is home to the Amiens Cathedral, the largest gothic cathedral in France.
  • Angers, in the western region, is renowned for the towering Angers Cathedral and its black- and white-walled castle.
  • Nantes, near the Atlantic coast just west of Angers, invites aerial exploration of its myriad architectural displays along the Loire River and of the Castle of the Dukes of Brittany.
  • Nîmes, in southern France, offers an incredible collection of Roman-era architecture, including the Arena of Nîmes, an amphitheater that still hosts live shows to vast audiences.
  • Reims, located 80 miles northeast of Paris, claims some of the best examples of French Gothic architecture, notably Reims Cathedral.

Microsoft Flight Simulator 2024 was revealed for Xbox Series X|S and PC last week. Microsoft Flight Simulator 2024 will have players tackling wildfires through Aerial Firefighting, piloting the specialist firefighting planes to douse fires in water. There will also be Search and Rescue missions where players will be piloting rescue helicopters to save those that find themselves in trouble and need assistance. If players fancy something different from saving people, the option to transport cargo using helicopters will be available too. There is also jumbo cargo transport available in the game. However, players can also opt to keep saving people and take part in Air Ambulance missions.

There is what appears to be the more relaxing option of agricultural aviation too, spraying fields with pesticides. Back to the rescuing and there will be mountain rescue missions in Microsoft Flight Simulator 2024 too. Or you can take the tourism route and fly planes for skydivers. If building is more appealing, Microsoft Flight Simulator 2024 has that covered too with aerial construction available as other missions. Want to experience the high life? There are VIP charter missions to ferry these people between locations. Want the adrenaline rush? Then take part in some air racing instead. In addition, there are glider pilot missions, scientific research missions which seem to include flying into storms, experimental flight missions to test new craft, low altitude missions, hot air balloon trips, and airship tours.

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