Exoprimal post-launch roadmap includes a new mode, Exosuits & more

Exoprimal DLC Alpha Variant Exosuit Header

A few short days before the launch of their dino-blasting co-op game Exoprimal, Capcom has given a sneak peek at the seasonal updates and content planned after launch, including a new mode, Exosuit variants and more.

Exoprimal will launch this week on 14th July across PS5, Xbox Series X|S, PS4, Xbox One and PC – it’s also day one into Xbox Game Pass – and there will be both a story mode and online Dino Survival mode to dive into. The Dino Survival will be the main meat of the game, and after fan feedback during the numerous beta tests, it will feature a “Final Mission Selection” feature that allows you to choose between a purely PvE showdown, a PvP head-to-head climax and a random option that will give a small experience bonus.

Season 1 will also commence right alongside the game’s launch on Friday, and while see a steady rollout of new content. Two weeks after launch on 28th July, Capcom will add the Savage Gauntlet, a co-op mode that challenges teams of five with late-game PvE missions that can be replayed for higher ranks and rewards.

Exoprimal DLC roadmap

The first major title update will land on 17th August, adding 10 Alpha variant Exosuits, each of which will feature different weapons to the standard edition.

Season 2 will then kick off in mid-October 2023 with the next title update that adds a Street Fighter 6 collaboration, a new map and Final Mission, as well as more rigs and modules.

Exoprimal Season 3 will then arrive in January 2024, adding the Beta variant Exosuits, a new Neo Triceratops enemy to battle and, at some point during Season 3, a Monster Hunter crossover.

We’ve had a lot of fun with Exoprimal through its beta tests, with Dom saying in our final preview: “The extra beta periods have obviously helped the development team to tailor Exoprimal further to its audience, and they’ve just announced that players will have the option between the original PvP closing round where you can ultimately do battle with the opposing team, taking a more personal approach to their downfall, or sticking with PvE as the previous rounds do, fighting for glory by being the fastest team to complete all of the phases. It’s a welcome option, but I wonder whether the PvE-only players will ultimately find the option too repetitive, and head back to the more explosive and unpredictable delights of PvP.”

We look forward to diving into the dino shenanigans later this week!

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