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Exoprimal is Capcom’s latest multiplayer title to hit consoles and PC, mixing the delights of Overwatch’s PvP modes with the horde-like encounters of Earth Defence Force. We’ve had a lot of fun with it so far, and if you’re just starting out here are some tips and tricks to bear in mind as you start on your journey to dinosaur domination.

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Get your team makeup right

Each team in Exoprimal has five players, and how that team is made up will dictate how well you do in the different modes you’re playing. Overall, you absolutely need at least one player playing a healer/support, and then it’s sensible to have at least one tank alongside the DPS classes, though this can change through some of the earlier rounds of a Dinosaur Cull or at the end when you face off against the enemy team in PvP.

As you focus on sprinting through early rounds, being overloaded with DPS isn’t a bad thing, but as soon as the larger creatures start to appear or the numbers grow too unwieldy, it’s time to play things safer. You can change Exosuits at any time, and you retain your Overdrive charge as well, meaning that you can always respond to the changing situation whenever needed.

Play the objective

This probably stands for any multiplayer game, but you really do have to play the objective in Exoprimal if you want to succeed. Each round of dinosaur cull has a set number of each dinosaur type to take down, and once you’ve killed enough Velociraptors or Dimorphodons, you can more or less ignore them as you focus on the ones you need to off in order to advance. Similarly, capturing zones is quicker with a full team, and protecting an area works best if you’re actually near to the area.

Exoprimal loves to send an overwhelming number of dinosaurs at you, just when you’re the only one left holding the fort. Equally, lone wolfing in Exoprimal doesn’t work all that well, with hordes of dinosaurs soon becoming overwhelming if you’re on your own, and any encounter with the enemy team liable to be far too much to handle as well.

Exoprimal PvE

Prepare to Dominate

The Dominator grants a player on your team the opportunity to take control of a large dinosaur like the Carnotaurus or a Triceratops, and use it to dismantle the enemy. However, they’re not incredibly easy to handle, proving to be unwieldy and imprecise if you’re not careful.

One of the first things you should aim to do if you’re playing an Escort the Data Cube mission is destroy the cube, freezing it in place. It’s also an easy target as it’s static. You should then turn your attentions to the enemy team, but be aware of your surroundings and getting trapped in a small space. Also remember that each dinosaur has an additional powerful skill beyond their standard attack, but these too need careful lining up and timing to cause maximum damage. Practice makes perfect!

Don’t take the Dominator if you’re the team’s support class.

The Dominator is incredibly powerful, but you have to think about whether you’re the best person on your team to take it, particularly if you’re the team’s only healer/support class. Taking away the ability to heal at a crucial moment is a fast way to failure, and every time the healer has raced off with the Dominator, it’s lead to a swift and embarrassing loss. If it does happen, make sure someone else hops into a support Exosuit to keep the rest of the team alive.

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Upgrade each suit

Each Exosuit has a twenty-tier reward structure, unlocking specific awards, emblems, and modules for each suit. You also get a regular dose of Bikcoins to spend as well, and while it’s tempting to save these for cosmetics you’ll want to spend your currency on your suit’s abilities first as you’re going to have a better chance at victory, and therefore a better chance at earning more XP.

Install Modules that suit your playstyle, and your Exosuit

Each character can install three Modules that improve their stats and abilities, and picking the right ones will make a huge difference to how fast you can despatch those dinos. Each Exosuit has six unique Modules, and then access to a batch of universal ones, and all of these need to be levelled up with Bikcoins to maximise their effects. Think about how you play each character, and install ones that make the most sense for you.

If you focus on causing as much long-range damage as possible with Deadeye, then choose modules that increase the damage of the Ravager rifle and its grenade launcher, while also using the universal reload module to speed the process up. If you’re more interested in the tank classes, Roadblock is all about defending others, so you want to maximise shield and health.

Some modules are definitely less helpful, such as the early Crisis Module that gives you a boost of speed when you’re damaged, so think about where you’re spending your hard-earned currency, and plan ahead by reading through the descriptions of Modules you’re yet to unlock.

Exoprimal T. Rex

Install the right Rig

Alongside your regular abilities, there’s a choice of six Rigs with which to enhance your character, basically giving them an extra skill. The standard Cannon is useful for causing some serious damage, and it’s worth noting that it has a good dose of blast damage which can help to clear out groups at a distance. However, you should experiment to see what Rig suits your playstyle, and the role you’re playing. You can add things like a small healing circle with the Aid Rig, which can be handy for a quick heal – you can try playing Roadblock like Overwatch’s Roadhog for instance – or add a Shield to your squishier support suits.

Look out for the golden dinosaurs

Trigger Neosaurs are golden dinos that appear at random during the game. Sometimes you’ll see a glowing dinosaur appear amongst the regular hordes, and killing these fairly obvious monsters will increase the toughness of the dinosaurs attacking your rival team for a set period of time. Anything that makes things harder for your opponent has to be a good thing, but just be aware that they’re probably going to have the same opportunity at some point.

Exoprimal Tank Class

Don’t forget about the craftables

It’s easy to forget about the craftable tech you gain in Exoprimal, given to you when you pick up the glowing icons on the battlefield. These mainly take two forms, with shield walls being the first. Dropping these walls can help you to funnel dinosaurs into a corridor for extermination, or block the enemy team as you defend a control zone. They also allow you to fire through them while stopping your enemy’s fire, and you can stack them on top of each other if you collaborate with the rest of your team to build some serious defenses. The other main craftable is the rail gun emplacement, which lets you drop an autogun down to help clear the area of dinosaurs. Think about where you’re putting it though, as it needs a clear line of sight to fire, and any large dinosaurs will just stomp them into pieces.

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