Retro shoot ‘em up Nova Strike launches today

While it may look like a pixel graphic shooter from the 90’s, Nova Strike includes roguelite-style progression system which gives the pilots extra skills and weapons needed to finish the game, and procedurally generated maps so each game will be unique. It also features “2D pixel art design and an original soundtrack inspired by classic video game space shooters.”

Alone against everyone, players attack enemy bases and try to obliterate the space defences blocking their way. To do this, players must skilfully avoid enemy fire in the classic tradition of the bullet hell genre. By defeating enemy squadrons, pilots earn points that can be spent on upgrading their firepower and defences to become more powerful. Players can use Nova Strike‘s roguelite mechanics to customize their ship and test a variety of strategies. Furthermore, the seven levels of each chapter are procedurally generated, making each run a fresh challenge.

  • Explosive gameplay that requires quick reactions and accuracy to win battles
  • A rewarding sense of progression from roguelite mechanics and a wide range of upgrades
  • No two runs are the same thanks to procedurally generated maps and extensive weaponry customization
  • A retro design with pixel art graphics and vertical scrolling
  • A nostalgic take on the shoot’em up genre which is just as much fun today!

If you are on PC you can head over to the Nova Strike Steam page.

Source: Press release

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