Hyper Light Breaker early access release pushed back to 2024

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Hyper Light Breaker early access release has been pushed back to 2024, Heart Machine and Gearbox Publishing have confirmed. Originally, Hyper Light Breaker’s early access was due to be in early 2023, and this was then pushed back to the autumn of 2023. While there has been a further delay, a new development update has been released.

“The development of Hyper Light Breaker has been an extraordinary journey, as we’ve set out to make this new Hyper Light adventure the best possible version of a truly wild idea,” said Alx Preston, Hyper Light Breaker and Heart Machine Founder and Creative Director. “We’ve made remarkable progress and the game has come a long way since we started development. Taking this additional time to focus on Hyper Light Breaker’s development will allow us to bring the game to its full potential and we are incredibly grateful for the support from our community that’s been with us every step of the way. We thank you for your patience and understanding as we work to deliver a new adventure that lives up to what fans expect from a Heart Machine title.”

The key features of Hyper Light Breaker include:

  • A Brand-New 3D World to Explore
    • A world in disarray, with mysteries to solve, vicious enemies to fight, and fully 3D environments to explore.
    • A vast, ever-changing world awaits with massive, open biomes and deep labyrinths.
    • Use your wall-dashing, hoverboard, glider and more for incredible freedom across landscapes.
  • Lead the Breakers
    • Play single player or lead your team of Breakers through the Overgrowth in online cooperative play.
    • Face hordes of enemies and gigantic bosses in frenetic third-person combat.
  • Explore, Collect, and Destroy
    • Discover and unlock a wide arsenal of weapons and items to create the perfect build for every run.
    • Learn more about the Overgrowth and the deep storylines hidden within with each death and subsequent attempt.
  • Help the Settlement
    • Help a settlement flourish, bringing with it colorful characters and permanent upgrades.
    • Visit the settlers between each run and discover their stories.

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