OutRage is a new multiplayer brawler coming to PC, consoles, and mobile

OutRage has been announced by Hardball Games, and it is a multiplayer beat ’em up brawler that is set to be released on PC, PS5, Xbox Series X|S and mobile in 2024. The game will see up to 32 players in street brawls using fists, street furniture, and destructible environments to cause hurt on their opponents.

“At Hardball Games we love playing team-based games together but don’t always have the time to invest weeks or months mastering a new game. We wanted to create something that anyone could pick up and play with their friends but had a reward system and progression for players that wanted to put in the extra time,” said Jason Avent, Studio Head at Hardball Games. “So with OutRage we’ve been really creative in the ways we’re dialling up the fun and making the game accessible.”

OutRage is set in a near future where an underground fighting competition breaks into the mainstream, with a wellness product called Rage giving all sorts of side effects too, like growing into superhuman behemoths, making them stronger but also bigger targets. The environments will include hazards like spike pits, falling ledges, and falling ceilings.

The game modes included are Dominion, where teams aim to control areas of the map, Survival which is a three minute battle royale, Rage Bank where players store Rage to outscore the opposition, Pain Points where players play solo or in teams to score the highest points, and Crate Grab which is essentially a capture the flag style mode. New maps, modes, cosmetics and weapons will be released regularly for Outrage.

Source: Press Release

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