Warframe 1999 is the Nine Inch Nails-infused story that the series needs

It never stops does it? We’ve just had a week of Gamescom craziness and Digital Extremes have seen fit to top it off with their yearly Tennocon, Warframe’s yearly celebration. One of the biggest announcements to come out of this year’s conference is Warframe 1999, an all-new update to the game that’s due for release in 2024.

Have you watched the trailer? If not, stop here and do it, for no other reason than it includes the awesome Nine Inch Nails song Into the Void. Are you back? It’s fair to say that the trailer is stunning, and if you’ve not stayed on top of the lore of Warframe – given that it’s just hit its ten year anniversary there’s a small chance you haven’t – this looks like the kind of update that is perfect for getting you back on board, or as a jumping off point for new players, given that it’s going to dig into the original history of Warframe and some of its key characters.

The update is coming to the game next year. Hopefully that’s early 2024, but we should probably temper our expectations on that one. In the trailer a stranger known as Arthur — who distinctly resembles Excalibur — faces a familiar enemy in a new, nineties-influenced form. Where, or possibly when, does this battle between unknown forces take place? Well, you can probably deduce that one for yourself.

As someone who’s hopped in from time to time with Warframe, this announcement has me really excited, and it’s not just because of the awesome music. Warframe’s mix of hack-and-slash swordplay and third person shooting is rock solid, and on current-gen consoles and PC it looks absolutely stunning. Alongside that, Warframe has always pushed the limits of sci-fi design, while the narrative has continued to expand throughout its decade-long history. It’s little surprise that it is even more popular now than it has ever been.

Warframe boasts more than 70 million registered players, and if you fancy joining them hop over to https://warframe.com or check out these other places where the community lives.

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