Huge C-Smash VRS update will add Infinity mode, co-op, AI, levels & more

RapidEyeMovers has revealed a huge new update coming to VR sports game C-Smash VRS on 14th September. The expansion will bring a new mode, co-op, AI opponents, more levels, more music, and even more features alongside that.

C-Smash VRS is out exclusively for PlayStation VR2, and with the impending update, is now on sale with 25% off until 14th September.

Let’s dig into the headline features for this massive update, with C-Smash VRS getting a brand new Infinity mode to test you ball batting skills. In Infinity, blocks will now shift closer and closer to you, challenging you to keep bouncing the ball off them to smash them, or to dodge around any that get too close. Infinity is then augmented further by a co-op mode for two players to tackle this side-by-side while chasing the highest score.

If you don’t have a buddy to play alongside or against you, then the new AI Bot will be available across head-to-head, Firewall and Quickshot game modes, which were previously online-only game modes. The bot comes with three difficulty settings, helping you to practice for when you face the real deal. It will also gloat if it score a point against you.

Beyond that, the Journey mode has been expanded with over 40 new stages, which include new block types like the Multi-Ball and Portal, and there’s a new original track in the game by UNKLE – a ‘reconstruciton’ of Antimatter by Ken Ishii.

And then there’s other features like casting emotes onto your racket, stage select, a music player, detailed player stats, instant replays, and a whole bunch of other tweaks and fine tuning.

While we’re yet to polish off our review of the game – between heat waves and workload, it’s not something I’ve managed to do just yet – what I can say is that C-Smash VRS is pretty darned great. It leans into the synaesthesia of Tetris Effect and Rez as you try to focus and keep the ball in play, chasing high scores and fastest times, and is a great example of how PSVR2 can elevate a fundamentally simple idea by immersing you within a game world.

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