Total War: Pharaoh release date set for October with campaign map reveal

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Sega and Creative Assembly have announced that Total War: Pharaoh will Hittite digital storefronts on 11th October 2023, with a limited edition physical release then making its way to shop shelves a couple weeks later on 23rd October.

The announcement comes with the campaign map reveal, as CA show off the broad slice of the world that includes the Egyptian, Hittite and the Canaanite kingdoms. Each faction looks to stave of the turbulent times that led to the Bronze Age Collapse and the end of the Egyptian New Kingdom period.

While the full launch comes on 11th October, a pre-order bonus gives players an Early Access Weekend from Friday 29th September through to 2nd October. During this time, players will be able to sample the first 60 turns of the campaign, playing as either Ramesses or the barbaric Irsu. They will also gain the Avatar of the Gods and the Heart of the Shardana cosmetic DLC packs.

We’ve been hands on with the new campaign, sampling the opening of Ramesses’ rise to power and the many historically authentic touches that CA Sofia has baked into the game. In our Total War: Pharaoh preview, I wrote, “Total War: Pharaoh explores a fascinating new time period for the series, toeing the line once more between historical authenticity and just being a fun new Total War game. I’m looking forward to playing more as the game heads to release in October.”

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