Ghostbusters: Rise of the Ghost Lord update adds Heist & Seek competitive mode

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Sony Pictures Virtual Reality and developer nDreams have released the first major update for co-op VR ghost ’em up Ghostbusters: Rise of the Ghost Lord – available across Quest and PSVR 2. This update, though, adds a new competitive Heist & Seek mode that will pit budding Ghostbusters against one another!

In Heist & Seek, three bank-robbing brothers are haunting up a heist to relive their heyday, and your team has to catch and put them away. You’ll have to play together while fighting each ghostly robber one at a time by locating their piles of golden loot and battling a stream of ghosts, but once you reach the final showdown, it’s every ‘buster for themselves! Now you’re competing for ghost catches, but if a Ghostbuster is downed, the money they’ve collected can be stolen by whoever revives them.

It sounds like a quirky twist on the Ghostbusting action of the rest of the game, and nDreams have got more ideas planned for future updates. An Infestation mode will be coming in the next update before the end of 2023.

Alongside this new mission/mode, which is free for all players, those who own the Full Containment Edition Season Pass can grab the Keymaster character skin and Gator equipment skin – also available separately for $1.99 or paired for $2.99.

The patch comes with some quality of life improvements some of which have been made specifically thanks to community feedback.

Fixes include:

  • On the mission table, a check mark now appears next to missions that have been successfully completed.
  • Fix for the number of jobs to complete displayed on the HQ monitor. (community feedback)
  • Fix for firing proton wand when revived without removing mini-pufts from the wand. (community feedback)
  • Fix for audio during Giga trap Retrieval on Golden Gate Bridge. (community feedback)
  • Fix for Quest users reporting a dotted line appearing briefly when loading into missions. (community feedback)
  • Adjustments to VOIP spatial audio.
  • Improved visual when players are downed.
  • Missions have an increased Banshee occurrence rate from 20% to 40%.
  • Collision fixes throughout the environment.
  • Additional bug and performance fixes.

We handed down a healthy 7/10 in our Ghostbusters: Rise of the Ghost Lord review. Dom wrote, “Ghostbusters: Rise of the Ghost Lord proves that VR ‘bustin makes you feel good. It’ll feel even better with a group of friends though.”

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