Black Friday 2023 – Xbox Series X now down to £360 [Updated]

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If you’re looking to grab an Xbox Series X or Series S, then the current Black Friday 2023 sales are probably the best time to do so over the next few months. Microsoft has set a new, lower MSRP for both Xbox Series consoles, and some retailers are cutting prices further and adding extra games in alongside.

Update: Monday 20th November has bought a fresh wave of Xbox Series X discounts, most likely as Microsoft and retailers look to rival the savings on PlayStation 5 consoles. You can now grab a Series X for just £359.99, or even less if you’re happy with a refurbished model.

Here’s the best Xbox Series X deals from 20/11/23:

And if you want to save even more, then you can also get certified refurbished Xbox Series X machines for just £330!

The original post with details and deals from 17th November continues:

Microsoft themselves have only announced a $50 price cut (and regional equivalent) to the standard $500/£480 price of an Xbox Series X and certain console pack-in bundles for Diablo IV and Forza Horizon 5, but Amazon, EE, Argos, Currys and others have gone quite a bit further than that. In some cases you can get an Xbox Series X for less than £400, or with one or two extra games added into the mix.

These are the best deals that we’ve seen today.

Those are the best Xbox Series X offers that we’ve seen in the UK, but there’s plenty of chance that retailers will restock over the coming week and bring new deals through actual Black Friday – next week on 24th November – and Cyber Monday.

It’s fair to say, though, that Sony has outdone Microsoft this time around. Where Microsoft cut £50, Sony cut £90 on the PS5, and retailers have then gone overboard with added games and bundles. Most Xbox Series X deals are over £400, but you can get a PS5 for a good bit less than that. Expect this to be a massive console-flogging season for Xbox’s biggest rival.

If you’re picking up a Series X or are already in the Xbox ecosystem, then now’s also a great time to cruise through the Xbox Store and pick up games on the cheap. Stay tuned while we pick out the best offers out there.

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